Safe Searching

The internet is the biggest library in the world

You can find almost anything you want to, from TV shows to sports results and homework help online. Carry on reading to get some top tips on how to search online and get SMART results.

Top Tips

  • Be clear in your online searches try to use more than one word to describe what you are searching for. For example, if you are searching for information on the planet Mercury, entering planet mercury into the search box will better results than just entering Mercury.)
  • Take care to spell correctly when typing in a search. Even a small typing error can bring up unwanted results.
  • Remember that not all the information in websites returned in searches is reliable. Look in books, ask people who might know, and look up at least three other websites to check your info.
  • Make sure you filter your searches online especially if you are doing an image search.
  • Bookmark your favourite websites or check your history to make sure you are revisiting the same websites.
  • If you see something that upsets you, make sure you turn off the screen or make the window smaller on a laptop and tell an adult as soon as possible.
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Is all online information reliable?

Not really no. These days anyone can add information to the internet and not all of it is written by an expert.

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Blaeckcelt from Netherlands:

"The web is cool because you can find so much information without going outdoors..."


  • Bookmark Kidsmart as one of your Favourite websites.
  • Some search engines have special kid friendly options, get your parents/carers to check it out online.
  • Don't forget to test your new knowledge with our 'How SMART are you?' quiz


Filtering isn't there to stop your fun what it can do is make sure that things you don't want to see are stopped before they reach your screen.

Sometimes websites contain pictures or information that are not suitable for children. Make sensible decisions about what you search for online.

Image searches

Be careful what you search for! Sometimes pictures can get past your filters. Search carefully and responsibly, a nasty picture can be very difficult to forget!

Hector Protector

Visit the thinkuknow website and install Hector protector so that when you are searching online you always have a friend with you.


Making the right choices when you're online...

Tell someone if you see something that worries you

There's a lot of information online and not all of it is for kids. You might be surprised to hear that some things online are illegal!

If you ever come across something you think you shouldnt have seen make sure you tell someone about it.


Here's another one to download and show your parents.

DOWNLOAD 'Searching the Internet and Child Safety' document from here

Find Out More

  • On this website:
  • A good one to recommend to adults to learn more about what isn't allowed online.