Childnet International respects the privacy of all visitors to the websites, especially children.

Childnet does not collect personally identifiable information without visitors knowledge. Where visitors do provide such information (e.g. on the online order form) Childnet will only use it for that purpose, and will only reveal contact information or use quotations in a public context upon having obtained specific permission.

Childnet will never pass on contact details obtained from the Kidsmart website to a third party.

Childnet does track the number of visitors to the Kidsmart website and retains aggregate statistics relating to this. Specific usage of our website by identifiable individuals is never looked at.

Some of Childnet's projects are sponsored by commercial companies and these are always clearly identified on the website as such. It does not provide information on individuals to these companies for any commercial or marketing purposes. Childnet do not accept advertising on any part of the Kidsmart website.