The KidSMART team love music and love the fact that it is so easy to download :-) ...yez!

Top Tips

  • Read the small print of an advert before ringing or texting for a ringtone.
  • Check out ProMusic for the best and well known music download sites.
  • Look at user reviews on file sharing networks before you download a song.
  • If you use file sharing software make sure you set it up properly and don’t share your personal files with everyone online!
  • Do you pay for your ringtones? If not make sure you ask the person who does before you download a new one.
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Report your Mobile SCAMS

Have you been scammed? Are you getting ringtones on your mobile that you haven’t asked for and then been charged an outrageous bill? Follow this link to sort it out and report the scam: phone pay plus

Jazz from England:

"I love music online..."


  • Check out our Great Sites page and find out where you can go online to compose your own songs.
  • Visit the ProMusic site and look up the top three songs on the download chart today
  • Complete our quiz on the SMART page

Listen to the song "Online" by Wyn Davies here!

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Got mad rhyming skills? Think you’re the next lyric genius? Write a third verse to ‘Online’ and perform it to your school

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Did you know…

When you share a music file on a P2P (peer to peer) site you may be allowing other users access to your computer files? Protect yourself by downloading music legally. Read more about this on our file sharing page

Keep it safe, keep it legal.

Legal music download sites don’t want to upset their customers by using spyware or adware programs on their site. This means no annoying popups or unwanted ads on your computer. Music to your ears!


Download music leaflet

Print this leaflet and show it to an adult.

Make sure they know how to safely download music tracks

Find Out More…

  • On these websites:
  • ProMusic Information here about the music industry and good download sites
  • Childnet Music. Information here about how to download music safely