It's great to make your own music online

You can create a fan base from your living room!

File sharing technology can be used in lots of positive ways. Read info here about staying on the SMART side of file sharing.

Top Tips

  • Visit ProMusic and try out legal download sites.
  • Read every screen when you are downloading filesharing software to make sure that you aren’t sharing too many parts of your computer with other users!
  • Always let your parents/carers know if your antivirus and spyware software tell you it’s time to update.
  • If you think you have downloaded a net nasty by mistake make sure you tell someone about it and report it.
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Pretend Files...

Many files on p2p networks pretend to be games or popular music tracks when they are not! You might think that you are downloading your favourite track or the newest film when in actual fact you are receiving viruses and spyware that can mess up your computer.

If you use Bluetooth... share music and files make sure you don’t keep it switched on all of the time – anyone can access the information on your phone Also be careful what you accept onto your phone through Bluetooth you don’t want to accept a copyrighted music file or an image that might upset you.


Dale from Manchester:

"You can watch tv and play amazing games on the internet..."


  • What does this symbol mean? ©
  • Visit the ProMusic site and find the names of two legal downloading sites
  • What is it called when you share files on a mobile phone?

Are all Filesharing Networks ILLEGAL?

Good question! If you download copyrighted music, games or films for free without official permission then it is very likely to be illegal. If you, however, make your own music, game or film and choose to make it available through a filesharing network then of course you are not breaking the law.

Quality and Nasty Stuff

So why should you pay for stuff when you can get them for free online?

Here are a few reasons for you...

  • Many files are deliberately misnamed, so you might think you are downloading your favourite track when in actual fact you are receiving an advert for an ipod or a laptop.
  • Some dodgy audio and video clips are sent round using file sharing networks. You may accidentally download something that could get you and potentially your parents into a lot of trouble.
  • Be careful when you are setting up a file sharing service. If you’re not careful you may make personal information like family photos and banking details held on your computer available to other users. Every so often check the setting of your file sharing program to check you’re not sharing half your hard drive with the outside world.
  • In August 2008 a woman was fined £16,000 for illegally downloading games and films.
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